A Floral Dreamstate: OVERGROWTH Finds Beauty in People and Plants

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A Floral Dreamstate: OVERGROWTH Finds Beauty in People and Plants

From a design perspective, there’s really nothing like a good photo book. Rules aside, if you judge it by its cover, it can transform a room, not to mention be an instant conversation starter. But, with a good one, the conversation continues with every single image inside, and that’s the case with OVERGROWTH.

A new limited edition book by photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina, OVERGROWTH intimately explores the connection between humans and nature. The drool-worthy pages contain over 120 images of models intertwined with dreamlike floral arrangements, and, while some of the photographs are playful in nature, the clouded color scheme and fearlessness in the poses create a somber, haunting feel. The driving force behind OVERGROWTH, it’s a feeling that encompasses youth, exploration and passion.

“The project started as a way for Riley and I to combine our talents,” explains Fitzgerald in a press release. “We began by collaborating on a small group of pictures for a gallery show in Tokyo, but the more we shot, the more we felt like we had to keep going. We ultimately wound up embarking on a two year search for beauty. And now, with OVERGROWTH, we’re sharing what we’ve found.”

And another beautiful thing about it is that they found that beauty right at home. Both Portland-based artists, the photographs that make up OVERGROWTH were primarily shot in the northwest town and feature their friends.

An intimate work to be proud of, OVERGROWTH is published by Fitzgerald’s own Ransom Limited imprint, and printed in the USA by Premier Press in Portland, OR. With only 2,000 copies available, you can snag one for yourself here, and check out a few of our favorite images in the gallery. So, so good.