The Best of Jazz Album Art

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The Best of Jazz Album Art

We live in a digitized world. The tech march is ongoing and consumers sit at the edges of their seats, ready to jump at the next innovation. This digital addiction may make our lives easier, and tasks faster, but do we still have the same pleasantries we once had, say in the 60s? For instance, does anyone miss the sound of vinyl crackling through a record player?

We’ve made the transition from 10” albums through CDs to MP3s. It might be interesting, however, to take a step back and see how the music industry has changed beyond the actual music. The computer is in the driver’s seat across the industry, including the design side of the music market, so we’ve decided to wind back the clock, musically and artistically.

We’ve put together a gallery of some of the best Jazz album covers (something you may not have seen in a while). Maybe today’s musicians should take note.