Rebrand a Band, Round 4: Blood Orange

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This week on Rebrand a Band we’re taking a deeper look at a Paste favorite: Blood Orange. Fronted by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer Dev Hynes, Blood Orange grew out of the hiatus of Lightspeed Champion and has taken on a whole new life.

Let’s take a look at their current (pretty solid) brand identity:


We immediately see that the name typeface is consistent: it looks like Sackers Gothic Std Light. The placement of the band and album name is consistent in each image, and even the website carries that DIY, no-frills feel. Each album features a single female centered in the frame, either looking at the camera or at least facing it. This is a pretty good, consistent look. Here’s the website:


A band doesn’t necessarily need a logo to have a good brand—if Blood Orange continues their same style of album art, you would be able to recognize it’s them without even reading the text (which is a very important aspect of branding). Our rebrand honored the original look but attempted to bring in some of that ‘80s/’90s vibe so clear in the “You’re Not Good Enough” music video:

We created a stylized type logo and replaced it with the original band name on all the albums—and changed the album name to more closely match the script typeface on “Cupid Deluxe” (so it’s consistent throughout). All of the style guide images have a dark background because they’re ultimately meant to be shown against a dark color—a stage, a dark hallway, the night. We’re seeing BLOOD ORANGE projected behind Hynes as he performs, or spray painted as a stencil across NYC and the world (very Run the Jewels).

Who should we do next? Let us know in the comments below.