Check Out Stranger Things, It Follows, Rogue One and More Reimagined as VHS Tapes

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If Netflix’s Stranger Things has you digging around your parents’ basement/attic/closets for your old videotapes, feast your nostalgia-hungry eyes on this. An artist who goes by the name “Steelberg” has given an ‘80s-inspired makeover to a ton of current movies and shows. He creates VHS case art for modern entertainment guaranteed to resurrect fond memories of rewind buttons and moseying around the local Blockbuster (RIP), to the extent of vintage parental advisories and peeling price stickers. Of course, Stranger Things is among the titles to receive the Steelberg treatment, and the internet seems to agree that it just feels a lot more natural to see the show as a video. It’s that consensus that has earned Steelberg’s Instagram post of the worn, sticker-covered VHS case Internet-sensation status. In an interview a few days ago with Vehlinggo, Steelberg revealed that he’s been commissioned by a few bands for cover art, thanks to his success with the carefully crafted throwback cases, and he plans to keep turning out beautiful, ragged videotape art. Now if we can just get Netflix to deny itself as a leap toward a digital world and actually produce Stranger Things on tape to go inside the case…. Check out a choice selection of Steelberg’s work above, and see all of his art on his Instagram and Facebook page.