Rebrand a Band, Round 3: Death Grips

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This week on Rebrand a Band, we’re taking a close look at the rough and tough Death Grips, a mysterious (and maybe defunct) trio from Sacramento, Calif. It’s sort of tough to describe these guys, but if we had to label them it’d be something like “experimental hip-hop that will never be appropriate in a coffee shop but maybe at a funeral in a horror movie.” Let’s take a look at their album covers:

GovtPlates_DG.jpg TMS_DG.jpg


Their brand graphics are pretty DIY and all over the place, which is arguably perfect for them, so we wanted to take this week’s rebrand in a different direction. What if Death Grips dropped the scary mysterious vibe and just became the cutest, sweetest, most twee indie band you’ll ever come across? What if they did a total 180 and became the guys you’d see on Sesame Street? Well, that’s what we did.