Type Your Own Drake Album Cover Art With This Interactive Site

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When Drake’s new album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too late,” unexpectedly hit the web earlier this month, the first conversations weren’t only about the music itself. Buzz also started to generate around the album’s quirky cover art. With the title scrawled in a handwritten font that’s been called everything from a rip-off of the iconic Chik-fil-A “Eat Mor Chicken” type by some, to “more popular than helvetica” by others, the cover quickly earned it’s own parody website.

Coding buddies Simon Whybray and Rik Lomas used their mad development skills to whip up this interactive site, which lets users type messages in the childlike font. Just like the album cover, the generator doesn’t allow for things like punctuation, and it’s much more fun when you throw grammar rules to
the wind as well. Just for kicks, we pulled some of Drake’s most liked tweets from his feed to test out the game. Peep our favorites in the gallery above.