"Miles of Music" Poster Series Explores the Origins of Music Genres

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"Miles of Music" Poster Series Explores the Origins of Music Genres

U.K.-based illustrator Pete Ware, of 17th & Oak, has unveiled a new, ongoing poster series titled “Miles of Music”, featuring retro-style travel posters that link specific genres of music to the locales where they originated.

From the legend of Robert Johnson and the beginnings of blues in Rosedale, Miss., to the competing youth subculture groups in Brighton, England, to hip-hop’s origins in New York’s Bronx neighborhood, modern music has such a diverse array of influences that come from a variety of locations. As modern music listeners with access to Spotify and YouTube, often we forget how deep the history of music stretches and where the genres we cherish today first bloomed.

“With the rise of streaming services and downloads, music has become lot more accessible and we often forget about the roots of some of the great music we hear today,” said Ware about the series. “I created these posters to remind everyone of the long journey music has taken to become so important to our everyday lives.”

The posters from “Miles of Music” are all available in an assortment of sizes on Ware’s website here. 17th & Oak also offers a wide selection of music-inspired cards, prints and apparel. Click through the gallery and enjoy.