How to Bring Hygge into Your Home

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How to Bring Hygge into Your Home

It seems like lately everyone is head of heels for hygge. Dominating the design blogs, furniture stories and Pinterest boards, this Danish movement is the latest design trend. Simply put, hygge (pronoued HOO-gah) is the Danish word for cozy infusing homes with soft and nostalgic touches that bring you happiness. According to Maureen Welton, Creative Director for the Scandinavian inspired furniture company Article, hygge is “creating a personal sense of warmth and well-being in any space through everyday gestures.” Welton describes adding a little bit of hygge can be as simple as “replacing a sisal rug with a wool one, incorporating lots of pillows and throws in warm and soft materials—beautifully woven wools and alpaca, sheepskins and velvets.” The key is to select simple, timeless furniture in which Welton recommends layering on adding items that bring warmth and texture into the room. But to some, hygge is more than just a décor trend but a movement. Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting describes hygge as “an inspirational word that is a reminder to slow down and savor what is important in life.”

Whatever your definition of hygge may be, here are five easy ways to bring add hygge to your home.

1. Begin by selecting a paint color that is soft and tranquil to bring comfort into your room.

Souce- Kids at Home.jpg Photo via Kids at Home

A foggy and relaxing gray like Behr’s Close Knit T17-01 sets the mood in a quiet den while warm wheat tones of Behr’s Gold Hearted T17-02 are ideal for more social areas like your living room or kitchen.

2. Turn the sofa or other seating areas into the focal point in your room.

hygge2.jpg Photo via Article

Lenka Teilmann from Furninova recommends customizing your furniture to switch up the cushions, legs and covers that suit your family or filling your couch with soft cushions and plush textiles.

3. Add warmth to your room with textiles and other soft touches.

Close Knit T17-01 Bedroom.tif Photo via IKEA

A woven rug like the VINTER 2016 rug or throws from IKEA like their RENS, SKOLD or STRIMLÖNN throw helps keep your home warm on even the coldest of winter nights.

4. Add elements of soft light into your room with candles or dim lamps.

Source- Behr Close Knit T17-01 Fireplace Winter Scene.jpg Photo via Kids at Home

The key to creating a space where you can relax and unwind is to find a place where your mind can be at easy. Adding a soft light like the Vita Carmina from Kids at Home can be a warmer alternative to bright overhead lamps.

5. Figure out what brings you hygge.

hyggenew5.jpg Photo via Article

For Maureen Welton of Article it is “sitting on my worn leather sofa covered in knit pillows in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a warm throw with a perfect cup of coffee and books all around.” But for you, it might be something different. Figure out what brings you the most joy and find out ways to bring those elements into your home.