How to Add Festival Style to Your Home

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So maybe you’re sick of the fringe vests, neon bracelets and cutoff shorts. But maybe not? Either way, your home can take a cue from festival fashion tropes for fresh style—without bumping up against the sweaty hordes.

1. Hang Vintage Concert Posters

HATCH.jpg Photo via

Hold your horses and hear us out. That limited-edition print you forked out your hard-earned cash for at the merch booth can look decidedly grown-up when framed. Even better if they’re vintage posters.

2. Insert Fringe

FRINGE.jpg Photo via

Leave your dirty kimonos and suede vests in the dust. Let this textured trend deck out your walls instead, where you don’t have to worry about strands getting muddy.

3. Invest in Floral Chandeliers

FLORAL.jpg Photo via

Call them flower crowns for your rooms—or whatever you’d like. Add faux (or real, if you’re feeling fancy) flowers to your chandelier for an upgrade or DIY a project sourced from Pinterest.

4. Add Pops of Neon Color

NEON.jpg Photo via

Dashes of fluorescent fashion show up in rubber bracelets, cheap plastic sunglasses and tanks. They’re better suited for decorative accents than regrettable requisite “I got to shows” dating profile photo opps.

5. Include Faux Taxidermy

FAUX.jpg Photo via mahzerandvee

Ditch the rubber horse heads and other masks. Instead, hang up these keepers for animal-friendly accents.

6. Toss in Some Faux Camping Gear

LOG.jpg Photo via

“Remember that one time at Bonnaroo?” All the fun of camping without having to rough it.