Indulgent Design: The Best of Chocolate Packaging

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Indulgent Design: The Best of Chocolate Packaging

Torn, crumpled and tossed is the shared destiny of pretty much every chocolate wrapper ever. The decadent sweets inside the foil, paper or plastic are clearly the stars of the show, but all chocolate packaging is not made equal. We’re here to give the best carriers of the cacao their moment to shine.

The chocolate wrappers in this gallery definitely are not your everyday KitKat foil and Reese’s plastic, but are works of art, labored over in creative detail. Each fold, edge, letter and color is carefully designed to match the craftsmanship of the handcrafted, artisan chocolates inside. The Wellington Chocolate Factory packaging designed by Gina Kiel prioritizes patterns, while designs by The North South Studio and Studio Fernanda Schmidt make the most of bright colors. Laura Beretti, on the other hand, thought out of the box (and into the can), with for her branding of The Chocolate Fish.

Yes, we know, it’s what’s inside the packaging that matters, but just take a moment to appreciate the next wrapper before you toss it away. After all, you may need to wrap that bar back up if you don’t eat the whole thing…ok, never mind, just check out the gallery for some decadent designs.