WIRED Magazine To Debut a Netflix Original Series

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<i>WIRED Magazine</i> To Debut a Netflix Original Series

An internal email within WIRED Magazine leaked online today revealing some exciting news for the design world and TV fans. WIRED Publisher Kim Kelleher announced that the publication’s Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich is slated to produce a new show for Netflix positioned as a “‘Chef’s Table’ — for designers.”

The series is to be based on WIRED By Design, a conference held by WIRED last year at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California. WIRED by Design was a live magazine that brought together some of the world’s most creative minds to elaborate on the importance of design in their work. The event celebrated good design and how it impacts our daily lives, and the show will likely seek to fulfill the same objective.

This series marks new territory for Netflix as the company’s first partnership with a magazine. It is unclear what the exact format of the show will be, but our gears are already turning on future possible magazine-streaming partnerships. A Rolling Stone artist biopic series? Better Homes and Gardens interior design-off? Women’s Health scripted drama? Only time will tell.

Read the leaked email via BuzzFeed below.