Rebrand a Band, Round 6: Parlour Tricks

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And we’re back, after a short, SXSW-induced hiatus. This week, on Rebrand a Band, we’re taking a closer look at Brooklyn’s very own Parlour Tricks. Originally formed as Lily and the Parlour Tricks many years ago, the band recently simplified their name, and with that, they deserve some updated visuals.

Quick note on this one: while the Parlour Tricks we’re discussing today is a band fronted by three women, it is also the name of a South Carolina band that was previously known as “Death Becomes Even the Maiden.” Spotify has these two bands combined in a single page, which is certainly confusing—if you’re following along with this story, make sure you’re on the right band.

With that said, let’s take a look at their current album art:


Both are simple and very different from each other. Requiem has the austerity and reverence of something you might see from The Helio Sequence or Volcano Choir. Their music is unmistakably catchy, especially in this video from our 2014 CMJ Paste Parlour. The yellow cover art for Lovesongs gets closer to this, but since so much of their photography and stage presence (they all wear coordinating black and white outfits) is monochromatic, we wanted to design a look that catered to that aesthetic.

Their merch also harkens to the days of Lily and the Parlour Tricks, with the messy “L+PT” scrawl, but also uses the winking lady eyes from phase 2:


Our suggestion is to do away with those L+PT tees completely and use a design that is partially abstract and could really mean anything—gone are the days of wearing just a band’s name on your chest. This is the era of t-shirt art. The PT logo is woven in with the abstracted pattern in one of the three fluorescent colors we chose. Potential bonus? Make that pattern glow in the dark during a basement show in New York.

In addition to designing a new tee design, we also put together a couple of smartphone and tablet wallpapers made from the rebrand. This way, you can think of Parlour Tricks all day long as you check your devices, and listen to them at the same time.

Who should we rebrand next week?