30 of the Best Designed Playing Cards

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30 of the Best Designed Playing Cards

Designing a deck of playing cards isn’t a novel idea—in fact, we’re starting to get a little overwhelmed by all the playing-card projects. But while we think it’s safe to assume that many early attempts end in crumpled pages, among those full 52-card decks are some downright beautiful ones. We’ve collected 30 of our favorite designed decks, from typographic cards to a set designed by David Blaine to a zombie tarot deck. See them all in the following gallery and see the credits below.

1. Monochromatic Playing Cards, by Balance Wu Design 2. Playing Cards by Craig and Karl 3. Órdaga Playing Cards by Arantxa Rueda 4. Lincoln Playing Cards by David M Smith 5. Calaveras Day of the Dead Playing Cards, by Chris Ovdiyenko 6. Bicycle Guardians by Theory 11 7. Metrodeck Playing Cards 8. Robocycle Playing Cards by Duct Tape & Glitter 9. Monarchs Playing Cards by Neighborhood Studio 10. Playing Cards by Stig Lindberg 11. CMYK Cards by Hundred Million 12. Zombie Tarot Cards by Headcase Design 13. Best Made Co. Playing Cards 14. Split Spade Cards by David Blaine 15. 52 Types Cards by Adam Bauer 16. Animal Kingdom Cards by Hatch Design 17. Sentinels, by Hatch Design 18. La Cube Cards by SO LA 19. Jaqk Cellars Playing Cards 20. Dashwood Playing Cards 21. Misc Goods Co by Tyler Deeb 22. Plaid Playing Cards by Dan & Dave 23. Eastern Kings Cards by Dirk Zwaneveld
24. Barebones by Mattia Castiglioni 25. Iota Playing Cards by Joe Doucet 26. Bacon Playing Cards by Wesley Klein, David Goldklang 27. Bee Stingers Playing Cards by Theory 11 28. White Artisan Playing Cards by Simon Frouws 29. Minimal playing cards by Sam Dallyn 30. Bicycle Club 808 by Ronnie Young