Raise Your Game With These Elegant MailChimp Playing Cards

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Raise Your Game With These Elegant MailChimp Playing Cards

Wanna see a card trick?

MailChimp, Fuzzco and theory11 have collaborated to create and release what is, quite possibly, the most elegant and stylish playing cards designed. The MailChimp playing cards are packaged in lovely red-on-black and black-on-black editions featuring elaborate foil etchings on the surface, and hold unique cards including the King, Queen, Jack and Joker cards, which have been customized as apes instead of humans in keeping with the MailChimp theme.

The card deck is also available in a special edition brick set, including 12 decks safely housed in brick box designed as beautifully as the deck containers.

A single deck will run about $9.95 with the special edition 12-pack going up to $125. It all goes to a good cause, however, as Atlanta-based MailChimp is donating 100% of the profits to the Fugees Academy, set up by the non-profit organization, Fugees Family, which benefits child survivors of war. You can buy them at theory11’s site here.