Rebrand a Band, Round 8: Bibio

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Today on Rebrand a Band, we’re taking a look at Bibio, the stage name of UK producer Stephen Wilkinson. Active since 2005, Bibio’s music is sweet, summery, and reminds you of hanging in a hammock and watching your dog play fetch. An identity system is supposed to make you feel things, and we wanted to match the way Bibio makes us feel.

Let’s take a look at Bibio’s (extensive) collection of album art:


It’s a little hard to see in these thumbnails, but Bibio’s name is present on all but one cover. There are only two instances when the style is the same, and you can see that in The Apple and the Tooth and Ambivalence Avenue. Otherwise, the styling of the name is different in every image. As far as actual art goes, the medium changes from photography, to illustration, to line drawings. You can clearly see evidence of Wilkinson trying to figure this out, trying to nail down what the look should be. He’s trying different things on each album, both musically and visually. We think that Mind Bokeh is almost there, but Silver Wilkinson and À tout à l’heure is where he starts to nail it. It calls to mind these fishing lures drifting lazily on the water in the background of a Wes Anderson movie, soft and sweet.

According to Bleep Limited, here’s Bibio’s main piece of merch:


They identify it as the “Bibio Logo T-Shirt,” so we’re guessing this will be the frontrunner for the next album or two, at least (this logo is on the cover of his most recent EP). It’s good, but not necessarily whimsical and warm enough. It makes us think of falling, and insecurity.

Our humble suggestion is to use a more youthful, whimsical logo. Something that can be adaptable to the message, to the mood. In the gallery above, you’ll see that we’ve taking our primary mark and modified the O to be a variety of round, summer-themed objects, and proposed some color schemes. In addition to a Bibio-themed tee, we thought a themed travel journal would be the best accompaniment, considering his music evokes road trips and adventures in new cities.

Who should we rebrand next? Let us know in the comments below.