D.I.Y. Smartphone Projector Lets you Display Drive-in-Style Movies for Friends

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With the increasing quality of smartphone video recording capabilities and in-phone apps for editing, there’s definitely a need for a better way to share your videos other than having friends huddle around your phone. This little projector is the solution. It lets you share videos captured on your smartphone by displaying it on a nearby wall.



This completely portable D.I.Y. cardboard projector requires minimal assembly and includes a small glass lens. The lo-fi final product creates a drive-in-movie style viewing experience with 8x magnification of your smartphone videos. It’s compatible with iOS and Android, but the Smartphone Projector only fits phones 3.2 inches wide, so tough luck to any new iPhone 6 owners.


Smartphone Projector is available from Animi Causa for $39.99.

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