Rebrand a Band, Round 2: St. Lucia

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Our second installment in the “Rebrand a Band” series features St. Lucia, the stage name for Jean-Philip Grobler. Originally from South Africa but relocated to Brooklyn a few years ago, St. Lucia is part synth, part rock, and all heart. We clearly love St. Lucia here at Paste. The music is solid, wavering between love themes and nighttime beach escapades, but the branding leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Let’s take a look at Grobler’s album covers:


The self-titled album and We Got It Wrong are thematically very similar (I hopped on the train at this time, so this is what I came to expect of St. Lucia). They speak of a distant, faraway journey filled with longing and nostalgia. And frankly, they remind me a little of the photography from the Bacardi Triangle (same island?):

Grobler takes it up a notch towards the end of 2012 and 2013, totally departing from the island paradise look. The September EP cover is what we like to call “generic geometric,” and the When the Night cover just explodes with tropical fury. The music is similar, but the look is totally different. It’s hard to read and extremely busy.

Here’s the merch:


We see the stripped down album cover as a tee, plus another design that takes a page of the Great Gatsby playbook and pairs it with a Salvador Dali vibe ( The Meditative Rose shown below):


It’s a total departure from the album designs, both in theme and craft. The type isn’t worked into the design at all, it looks more like an afterthought.

Our take:

We created a logo that was both modern and funky, and worked in that moonlit element. The colors we chose evoke a muted tropical feel—St. Lucia is almost the nighttime equivalent of Vacationer , so the colors are darker and more matured. The mood keeps some of the flair of the earlier album covers, with this sort of abandoned beach look.

Since Grobler loves to wear patterns on the stage and off, we developed a patterned shirt for his merch—the logo overlays the pattern, darkening it and also standing out against the purple. As for other merch, possible giveaways, we created a branded travel journal to record island memories.