Storage Ideas for Your Out-Of-Season Clothes

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Those snow boots and chunky knit sweaters have to go somewhere. Here’s where to stash them until Mother Nature changes her mind.

1. Cram Stuff into Suitcases

SUITCASE.jpg Photo via

They’re made for packing in clothing in transit, but will work just as well when your luggage is stationary.

2. Fill up Pretty Boxes

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Invest in some matching nesting boxes and arrange them in the closet or other parts of your home as a décor accent.

3. Put Your Favorite Accessories on Display

DISPLAY.jpg Photo via

That blush purse may not look so hot on your arm during the winter, but will make a pretty display on your bedroom wall.

4. Stash Them in a Storage Ottoman

OTTOMAN.jpg Photo via

Yes, the one in your living room.

5. Turn Your Bed into a Closet

BED.jpg Photo via

This gives new meaning to multi-use furniture. Can’t get a hold of your interior designer? IKEA sells a hinged storage bed for $499