Take a Look at Some Beautiful Maps, Curated by a Park Ranger

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Take a Look at Some Beautiful Maps, Curated by a Park Ranger

Is map envy a thing? While most of us millennials turn to a small screen that literally dictates every turn to us for our navigation needs these days, the traditional map can be a gorgeous thing. And it’s most certainly not obsolete, especially for the hiking types.

Fast Co. Design spoke to Matt Holly, a ranger of one our nation’s beloved national parks and curator of national parks maps. Holly has set up a site called NPMaps.com where he has compiled a collection of every national park map he has gotten his hands on, making all of the maps available for download.

If you’re a parks junkie, maybe you’re saying, “big deal, all of the national parks maps are designed per regulation at Harpers Ferry Center by the same guy.” Well, calm down, Leslie Knope. Holly has a particular interest in collecting maps designed by rangers local to the given park. This means that these maps each have a unique style and were drawn with much more passion and detail, thanks to the extensive wisdom of the ranger.

Flip through our gallery to see some of Holly’s favorite maps, with quotes from him about what makes each one of them beautiful, and find the complete collection on his website here.