Watch a Woman Get 11 Tattoos in 1 Week for History's Sake

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Today, WatchCut released what is arguably their most intense video yet.

They put out an ad for someone to get 11 tattoos in a week, and a lady named Casey replied. Apparently, some people have more pain threshold than me—it doesn’t look like she has any major tattoos at the start of the video. I have three,(done over four years’ time), and it would take some serious cash for me to get 11 in a week. Casey is one brave lady, and she takes these tattoos like a champ.

The video focuses on famous tattoo artists of the last 11 decades, including the one we are halfway-through now. You may recognize names such as Paul Rogers, Sailor Jerry and Don Ed Hardy. Tattooing is an art form, and WatchCut did a great job of showing that.