Best Music Festival Posters of 2016

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Best Music Festival Posters of 2016

Rounding up the best music festival posters involves so much more than just the officially released versions. There are the VIP posters, announcement posters. event posters, commemorative posters, downstream treatments and much more. Running music festivals is a big business, but the festival poster is the mother of all promotional tools. All of these were included in our round up.

Just like the up and down (and down) year it was, most of the 2016 music festival posters were quite varied. Still we were able to see three main trends emerging. One was a very simple design usually used for lineup posters, often including illustrations of indigenous trees of the festival’s locations. The next was an vintage Old Western-inspired design. This trend also included several illustrations of animals, most often wolves and bears, with a few turtles and birds thrown in for good measure. Nature featured prominently in many of the best music festival posters in 2016. Lastly, a futuristic type element was often embraced. From modern typography, geometric design and AI/robots, the Future theme proved strong and was even combined, as seen in the Pemberton festival poster.

Check it out and let us know your favorite festival poster designs in the comments!

Austin City Limits Festival 2016

About the artist:

Jules Buck Jones is a practicing artist living and working in Austin, TX. His work fuses interests in the natural sciences, the human psyche, and mythology.

Bestival 2016

From the artist:

"Josie and the team really fell in love with this idea of a metropolis made using the Bestival logo. I'm quite a big fan of sci-fi, especially Blade Runner, so I associate ideas of the future with dystopias and utopias visually. I think that's why they picked me: my work generally has quite a futuristic resonance."
- Charles Williams

Bottle Rock 2016

About the artist:

Ames Bros. is a Seattle based company producing award-winning design & illustration. The company specializes in print design, logo design, and web design.

Coachella 2016

About the artist:

Desert Trip 2016 (affectionately called Oldchella). Another year, another great Coachella poster from EMEK.

Electric Forest 2016

From the artist:

"Touching the soil, branch or twig… or even being in the presence of a beautiful forest, one can true feels it sacred nature. the spirit of the forest, how it touches and speaks to us, is beyond words. a truly magical moment when we feel the oneness and deep connection .. a reflection of our true self seen in the forest. How we experience the divine manifesting in us and in the forest, its creatures.. its soil.. every energy is one.. such a mystical magical experience.. it is where the spirit of Gaia is..which led me to express this beautiful piece of expression through the visual art."
Archan Nair

Firefly Music Festival 2016

About the artist:

Michael Cox is a Michigan Made, Chicago Resident Designer for Firefly Music Festival, The Warrior Dash, and Chicago Beer Classic. We love his cool, clean compositions and drool-worthy typography.

Glastonbury 2016

From the artist:

"More recently I've been putting on exhibitions and having books published, which along with my longstanding association with a well-known rock band* has given me a slightly increased level of confidence. So nowadays I can say, with what I hope is calmness, that I'm an artist and a writer. Although you are, of course, free to decide about that yourself."
Stanley Donwood (*Radiohead)

McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2016

About the artists:

The artwork for McDowell Mountain Music Festival was a collaborative effort of two artists, Zahi Mehmood and Eric Nagaran.

MOPOP Music Festival 2016

Newport Folk Festival 2016

About the artist:

Jon Contino's pretty handy with a pen and paper. In addition to this sweet poster for the Newport Folk Festival, he's scribbled and sketched for some companies that you've probably heard of. He is inspired by his wife Erin, his daughter Fiona, and his home state of New York.