Illustrated Poster Series Features All Eight Episodes of True Detective

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Illustrated Poster Series Features All Eight Episodes of <i>True Detective</i>

Madrid-based graphic designer Javier Vera Lainez’s series of True Detective posters is just what we need to tide us over in the long months between season one and two of the critically acclaimed HBO crime drama.

Lainez’s created a poster for each of the eight episodes in the first season. Each illustration features a silhouette of the show’s prominent characters superimposed with shadowy images representative of that particular episode.

The poster for the series’ first episode “The Long Bright Dark” depicts characters Marty Hart and Rusty Cohle at Dora Kelly Lange’s murder scene. The poster for episode five “The Secret Fate of All Life” features Hart and Cohle carrying two bodies they recovered after their shootout with Reggie and Dewall Ledoux. Lainez’s illustration for the season finale perfectly captures the episode’s climax and shows Hart’s silhouette superimposed with images of Errol Childress’ labyrinth.

All eight posters are available for purchase on Lainez’s website.