This Student Created A Wedding Dress Out of Divorce Papers

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A 15-year-old teen from West Sussex, England, constructed a gown in only two days made of more than 1,500 sheets of divorce papers.

The definition of statement making, Demi Barnes’ dress was completed during her 10-hour-long school art course exam at Lingfield Notre Dame School.

“I wanted to create a wedding dress with meaning,” Barnes shared with in an email interview. “For me, the dress represents that too many people rush into marriage and end up getting divorced. I love the irony of the idea.”

According to the West Sussex native, the dressmaking process was as hard as it sounds.

“It was mainly trial and error, being a very challenging piece,” Barnes said. “I constructed the bodice with wire and then folded the papers (this was the most time-consuming part) and stapled them on.”

Barnes published pictures of her work on her own Facebook page and it—not surprisingly—went viral. The photo earned more than 47,000 likes and nearly 1,500 shares.

The big dress with an even bigger message has helped the young artist make major connections. Since her post went viral, brides-to-be have reached out to Barnes. She’s also received inquiries from a handful of major designers about her work.

Barnes dress is presently on full display at her school.