We're Looking for Design Writers!

Design Features
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Graphic design is the face of everything—good design and good branding is often the difference between a successful product and a flop. Designers are always finding new ways to promote their work, get noticed, and get ahead. They say the best design goes unnoticed—if you can spot the invisible, you should be writing for Paste.

We’re looking for freelance writers who love branding, typography, color theory, illustration and graphic design (and everything in between). You should be familiar with current pop culture and design trends, and also able to write intelligently and conversationally. For examples of what our section tend to cover, check out our Features, Lists, Galleries, and Design News. Want to interview your favorite designer, or geek out over a new rebrand? You’ve come to the right place.

Email your resume and some clips to design@pastemagazine.com, along with a quick note about why you should be writing for Paste. We get tons of emails, so make sure you stand out! Jokes are welcome, bonus points if they’re design-related.