25 Killer Drawings from the Inktober Challenge

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25 Killer Drawings from the Inktober Challenge

Inktober is in full swing! Participants all around the world join in the fun under the tag #inktober and create 31 ink drawings in 31 days.

Utah illustrator Jake Parker started Inktober in 2009. “That first year, maybe 10 people did it with me,” Parker tells Paste. “In 2013, I introduced the hashtag #inktober, and that helped it go viral. Over 46,000 posts on Instagram alone that year. Now it jumped to 186,000 posts in only 8 days this year, and that’s just Instagram.” Parker’s goal in creating Inktober was to get better at drawing in ink and use the Internet as an accountability partner. 31 days is enough time to make the challenge a commitment, but not enough to be overwhelming.

Rounding out three weeks into Inktober, we’ve compiled our favorite entries in the gallery above. For more information, check out the Inktober rules page on Jake Parker’s website, or follow along via the tag #inktober.

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