10 Drinking Games You Probably Need To Try

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Drinking games can be a fun addition to a group game night, or an entertaining way to kick off a night out with friends. Chances are a lot of you have already played games like Beer Pong and Pennies. There’s a whole wild world of drinking games out there however, just waiting to put your liver to the test. Here are a few of our faves that you might have not seen/heard of yet.

As always, if you do play, make sure you’re drinking responsibly.

Golden Girls

What could be better than drinking with Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy? The folks at Buzzfeed came up with the Golden Girls drinking game last year, and it’s one of the best TV-based games we’ve seen, especially if you want to ensure the whole group is good and wasted fairly quickly. Check out the YouTube video for detailed instructions on how to play, and get ready to start thanking everyone you know for being a friend.

Shot Glass Roulette


Bring a little bit of Vegas to your living room with shot glass roulette. The game includes 16 shot glasses, and has you spin the wheel to determine your fate. At just $11, it seems like the perfect way to kick off your next big poker night, or just a night out with the crew.

ICUP Drunken Tower

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.00.35 PM.png

Sure, it looks like Jenga, but Drunken Tower is so much more. The game comes with 60 different blocks, each inscribed with a drinking challenge to undergo while you play. Four shot glasses are also included for, you know, official gameplay purposes. If you have an old Jenga set lying around, you can also create your own version of this game by writing tasks on the blocks.

Most Likely


This is an easy one to play, and doesn’t require anything other than friends and booze. With the game, you sit in a circle and take turns saying a “Most Likely” scenario. For instance, “Who is most likely to be excited about a Nickleback concert?” Everyone in the circle points at the person they think is most likely to do said thing. For each finger pointed at you, you have to drink.


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.04.53 PM.png

Its like spin the bottle, but instead of a kiss, the person the glass is pointing at has to drink.

Tic Tac Toe

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.07.51 PM.png

Up your tic tac toe game with this tic tac toe game designed just for drinkers. The Xs and Os each have their own beer glasses. Win, and make your opponent drink in celebration of your victory.

GOP Drinking Game


Image credit:Gage Skidmore
Rolling Stone came up with this one for the GOP debates last month, but a variation should work through the whole election season. With rules like “Drink the first time a candidate mentions Benghazi” or promises to “take America back,” you’ll be drunk in no time. There’s also a similar game out there for the State of the Union.

Shot Glass Darts

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 2.57.22 PM.png

Darts are a popular drinking game on their own, but shot glass darts? That takes things to a whole new level. This magnetic darts game has you throw darts to determine how and what you drink.

Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 3.02.30 PM.png

Sure, it’s no replacement for really hitting the course, but this shot glass mini golf set is too cool not to own. The two-person game has you use miniature putters to try and sink a tiny golf ball. Side caddy’s hold shot glasses

Kings Cup


Any long-time drinker has probably played Kings Cup at one point or another. The party game has you sit down with a group and a deck of cards. People take turns flipping over a card, with each card representing a certain action. Check out the full set of rules here.