Palate Wreckers: 15 Hoppy Beers

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Palate Wreckers: 15 Hoppy Beers

During the 13th century, a beer icon by the name of St. Gambrinus emerged. Generally depicted in photos as a larger, bearded gentleman hoisting a beer, the story behind him varies pretty dramatically depending on who you ask. He’s credited in the history books as the first person to brew beer with hops, which worked as a preservative and allowed brews to last considerably longer than they had in the past. He’s also often called the “patron saint of beer,” but the truth of the matter is that he never was a saint, or even a king (another title he’s sometimes erroneously given). In fact he might have never even existed in the first place.

While historians have pretty much decided at this point that Gambrinus is likely just a figment of our drunk imaginations (he’s likely based on John the Fearless and the Duke of Burgundy), each April beer lovers celebrate Gambrinus anyway (he actually has his own day, April 11), because if he did exist, he certainly deserves to have an IPA or two raised in his honor.

In that spirit, we put together a gallery of some great IPAs that you can grab this April for your own Gambrinus celebration. Check it out, and be sure to share some of your own favorites in the comments.