A Martini Bar Built For Two: Inside The Grey Goose Camionnette

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A Martini Bar Built For Two: Inside The Grey Goose Camionnette

In general, if someone invites you to step into the back of a van to have a handcrafted cocktail, you should probably decline. That is unless that invite happens to come from Grey Goose.

The vodka maker is hitting the road this summer with the Camionnette (french for van), a french bread truck that it’s turned into the world’s most intimate martini bar. That’s right, there’s a bar inside.

The vehicle has been touring Europe for the past few years, but recently made its debut in the United States, where it will be touring all summer. We happened to catch the truck at its first stop in Las Vegas outside the Aria, where it set up shop for a few days to celebrate the opening of Jewel nightclub, and the Grey Goose speakeasy inside, at the resort.

Seating inside the Camionnette is limited to just two people, making it one of the smallest bars around. Inside, a bartender walks you through making the perfect martini, which should always be stirred, not shaken (Sorry, James Bond!).

You also get to sample two different types of martinis: your grandfather’s martini with a 3:1 ratio (3 parts vodka and 1 part vermouth, garnished with olives), and another classic martini with a 5:1 ratio (1 dash of orange bitters, 1 part dry vermouth, and 5 parts vodka, garnished with a lemon peel) to see which martini best suits your personal palette.

Check out the gallery, above, for a look at the cozy bar, and be sure to check it out for yourself if it happens to roll into your town.