A Shucking Good Oyster Cocktail Recipe

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If I had been a Jamestown settler in the darkest of days, I don’t think I would have gotten so tired of eating oysters that I groaned at the sight of the oyster bucket, as the historical reports say the settlers did. I just can’t imagine getting tired of the oyster. I know it. If on the off chance that I slow down on consumption of straight oysters, though, I’ve got a vodka and oyster cocktail recipe to tide me over until I recover. It’s like a grown up oyster shooter, and it gets me going every time.

Oyster Riot In My Face

.5 ounces vermouth
1.5 ounces vodka
One shucked oyster with juices
2 teaspoons cocktail sauce
Grey sea salt

Put the oyster, then cocktail sauce (see below), then salt in the bottom of a martini glass. Place the vermouth and vodka in the cocktail shaker with crushed ice and shake until you fuse the cold into the alcohol (a little different than cold fusion but close enough for contemplation) and strain into the glass. Feel free to shoot it, or drink it slow.

Cocktail Sauce: 1 teaspoon horseradish; 1 teaspoon ketchup; 2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce; 3 dashes Pete’s Hot Sauce; .5 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning: Mix to taste