This is the Easiest Beer Cocktail Ever

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This is the Easiest Beer Cocktail Ever

I wouldn’t say that I’m a “lazy” guy, per se. I like to think I’m just “efficient.” For instance, I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that I’ve tied more than once, because it’s just more efficient to slip them on. Also, bending over to tie your shoes three or four times a day is a pain in the ass. Who has the time for that kind of activity? So, it would follow that I’m not much of a cocktail guy. Sure, if I’m out at a bar, I’m happy to put someone else through the motions of concocting an eight-part masterpiece in a glass, but if I’m home, I’m either drinking a beer or booze straight. The closest I ever get to making myself a cocktail is putting ice in my glass of whiskey.

So, I’m always pretty stoked when I come across a solid two-component concoction that doesn’t take much more effort than twisting the cap off a couple of bottles. Enter the Gin Radler, which was sent my way from Burnt City Brewing, in Chicago. It’s a simple thing, mixing a full can of Burnt City’s Retrofit Lime Radler with a shot of dry London gin. It comes across like a far more interesting version of the gin and tonic. A little sweeter, a little more crushable. I like the use of London dry gin, which is fragrant and has huge notes of juniper, because anything else would get completely lost in the beer. But really, the cocktail works because Retrofit Lime is a superior radler; it’s light and refreshing and while many other radlers can feel watered down, this one is as carbonated and vibrant as ever.

The cocktail is zesty and refreshing. I could see adding a bit of fresh ginger to it, but then, that would defy the point of this “efficient” cocktail, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, here’s the recipe. If you can’t get ahold of Burnt City’s Retrofit Lime, there are other options out there that would work. I think Boulevard’s Ginger Lemon Radler would do the trick.

Chicago Gin Radler

2 oz. London dry gin
1 can Burnt City Retrofit Lime Radler
Lime wedge garnish

Directions: Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in gin and beer. Stir, top with a slice of lime and enjoy.