Black Feather Whiskey Review

Drink Reviews Black Feather Whiskey
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Black Feather Whiskey Review

I see a lot of press releases throughout my work day and I’d say roughly 38% of them are about a celebrity who’s entering the spirits or beer business. Most of the time, I scan them and move on. I don’t care if Macklemore is attaching his name to a high-end rum. But when I heard three legends of action sports were making a whiskey, I had to check it out. I mean, when Travis Pastrana puts out a bourbon, you gotta drink it, right?

The masterminds behind this new whiskey are Jeremy Rawle, who rose to fame by doing crazy shit on Nitro Circus; Travis Pastrana, a motorsports superhero who is known for doing crazy shit with fast motorcycles and cars; and Rob Dyrdek, a former pro skateboarder who starred in his own reality show, Rob and Big where he and his best friend just did some fun, stupid shit. All of these dudes have done some crazy stuff in their days, and now they’ve joined together to make a whiskey, called Black Feather.

Okay, “make” is a bit of a stretch. The whiskey is sourced from Indiana like a significant number of upstart brands these days. If that bothers you, move on. This is not the whiskey you’re looking for. If you’re okay with these entrepreneurs freeing some good whiskey that’s being stored in a giant warehouse in Indiana, then read on. Because Black Feather is good.

I’m not sure about the age of this particular bourbon, but it pours really light—more yellow than brown—especially if you’re adding ice. The nose is just as subtle as the color and both give you a good indication of what you’ll be experiencing once you take a sip. Black Feather is smooth, with almost no burn (it’s only 86-proof), even you’re sipping it neat. The taste is full on butterscotch, with notes of caramel, toasted crackers and a bit of rye spice. It’s sweet and mellow, heavy on the corn, and it goes down effortlessly, and if you’re not careful, continuously. Because it’s so easy to keep hitting this bourbon, one glass after the next.

The marketing minds behind Black Feather are billing it as a “workhorse” of a whiskey. A “reliable, go-to, everyday drinker.” And I’d say for once, the marketing copy is on point. This is not a precious bourbon. You don’t save it for when you want to impress your father in law. You put it in your flask and hit it when you’re in the dugout during a co-ed softball game. You knock it back when you’re trying to summon the courage to try something you once saw on Nitro Circus.

Black Feather launched last month, and it’s selling at a very palatable $30 price point that’s appropriate for a workhorse whiskey. Seek it out if you’re looking for a new staple for your bar.

Producer: Black Feather
City: Sourced in Indiana, bottled in Texas, headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah
Style: Bourbon
Proof: 86