Brew News: Freeze Dried Beer and Really Honest Labels

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Brew News: Freeze Dried Beer and Really Honest Labels

This week in the world of beer, Patagonia tries to save the world with a rare grain, there are naked women on Caribou, and some smart people out of Denmark have freeze-dried beer.

National: Pack it in, save the planet

Patagonia has teamed up with Hopworks Urban Brewery to create a beer, “with great purpose.” Long Root Ale’s malt bill is heavy on Kernza, “a perennial grain grown using regenerative agricultural practices.” In other words, a beer brewed with the environment in mind. Kernza has a long root system and can prosper sans tilling, preserving the topsoil. It also needs less water than other grains, removes more carbon and might just save the world one beer at a time.

Washington, D.C.: Does this sticker offend you?

mike van hall.jpg
Artwork by Mike Van Hall

An artist known for his design work for Stillwater Ales and DC Brau along with a pretty cool DC metro-inspired beer map, has created stickers that provide further information that consumers can consider when making their next beer purchase. Mike Van Hall created the stickers to spark conversation among beer enthusiasts. With messages such as “This label is offensive,” “This beer is not craft beer,” “This label is offensive to women” and “This label is racist,” they’re not exactly subtle and touch upon issues often discussed in beer forums. But, since the only way to get your hands on the stickers is to follow the artist’s Twitter feed or run into him on the street, they’re unlikely to cause too much market disruption.

San Jose, Calif.: We’re gonna need a bigger beer

The reigning NHL Western Conference Champs, the San Jose Sharks, have collaborated with local craft brewery Gordon Biersch brewing Co. to brew CHUM, a dry-hopped red ale. “This dry-hopped blood red ale features a rich malt bill, complemented by a spicy hop aroma from imported Hallertau and Tettnang hops,” according to Gordon Biersch. It will be a strong and flavorful alternative to some of the fizzy yellow beers favored at many sporting events coming in at 7.2% ABV and 42 IBUs. The beer will be available in bottles and draft on the home SAP Center ice as well as at various other retailers in the area.

Denmark: How to get beer through security


Denmark’s TO ØL brewery claim to have invented the ultimate traveling companion: instant craft beer. Perfect for backpacking or airplane travel, the freeze-dried powder needs only water to activate. Freeze drying proved to be the, “perfect process to uphold aroma and obtain a split between water, dry-matter and alcohol – and thereby make instant beer.” The result is four different freeze-dried beers that can be mixed and matched based on preference: a coffee beer, a fruity IPA, a wild yeast hop-forward IPA and a dry pilsner. No word on when the product will be available to the public.

Anchorage: Riding a caribou naked is unadvisable

An unclad female astride a caribou has stirred up controversy in Alaska. Cans of Midnight Sun Brewing Company’s Panty Peeler featuring the aforementioned unfettered rider have sparked a debate about rape culture and sexual violence in a state with high rates of sexual assault. According to the brewery, the beer was named by Barb Miller, one of the brewery’s founders, and is about being, “free spirited and loving life,” according to KTUU. Outrage was voiced through social media channels and in some cases led to meaningful discussions about the issues. Miller said she is hurt by the accusations but plans to reach out to the offended parties and work toward a solution.