Cascade Brewing Tangerine Dream Review

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Cascade Brewing Tangerine Dream Review

This past weekend, my local beer bar had a Cascade tap takeover: eight taps of nothing but sours from the Portland brewery. Over the course of a few hours, my boyfriend and I made it through the entire list, I think. My favorite of the bunch was Tangerine Dream, a blend of old quad ales that were then aged in rum barrels with orange zest for 20 months and THEN blended with Cascade’s apricot ale. It sounded like a dream… a Tangerine one.

On the nose, you get oak, vanilla, and tangerine. At first sip it’s tart, but not overwhelmingly so. The barrel mellowed this one out nicely, and the rum rounds it out into a pretty easy-drinking brew, despite its hefty ABV. This one clocks in a 11%.

I actually didn’t realize the ABV until after I’d finished my 12 oz. pour. This one is really easy drinking. Had I not been looking to work my way through the lineup, I could have seen myself having a few more of these while we were at the bar. I guess until that 11% caught up with me, which more certainly would have eventually happened.

It really is a delightful beer, with bright fruit, and lightly spiced undertones from the rum barrel.

From Untappd, it looks like this one is making the rounds in California right now (it’s been checked in at a number of local spots). If you happen upon it while you’re out and about, I definitely recommend giving it a try. If you snag a 750ml bottle, make sure you have a friend or two on hand to help you with it, or plan on sticking around home for the night — that 11% will get you.

Brewery: Cascade
City: Portland, Oregon
Style: Sour/ Wild Ale
ABV: 11%
Availability: Limited