Falling in Love with Daredevil Brewing

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Falling in Love with Daredevil Brewing

The biggest problem I have in my life right now is that I’m not currently planning on taking a trip to Indiana. It’s causing serious angst because that’s the only place where Daredevil Brewing distributes their beer, and I really, really want to get my hands on some more of their goods. I’m suffering serious suburban angst rivals the rage I felt as a privileged suburban kid listening to grunge in the ‘90s. All this anger, and nowhere to place it. I mean, I have a ton of great beers in my fridge, but I want more Daredevil. Cue Nirvana. Where’s my flannel?

Sigh. Such is the life of a beer nerd trapped in a time zone far, far away from his new crush’s distribution footprint. The crazy thing is, a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of Daredevil Brewing. The Indianapolis-based brewer was completely off my radar, because you know, they only distribute in Indiana, and they haven’t made much of a splash at any nationwide competitions. And their ratings aren’t off the charts on any of the beer rating sites. But they sent me a mix pack of their jam. So, I drank it, and now I’m hooked. Like ‘80s crack rock, instantly addicted kind of hooked.

Daredevil started brewing West Coast IPAs several years ago, but based on the sampler they sent me, they’ve come to master a variety of styles. After a little research, I discovered that they won Grand Champion Brewery this year at the Indiana Brewers’ Cup, and also took home a silver for their Vacation Kolsch at GABF in 2016. Props to DD, but honestly, there are tons of completely forgettable breweries who’ve taken home GABF hardware. My current enthusiasm is based solely on the four beers they sent me to sample, ranging from lagers to a Belgian to an experimental IPA, all of which were homeruns. Mad respect to any small brewery that can nail a variety of styles with this much mastery.

Check out the gallery to see my thoughts on the four beers they sent, along with a few others from Daredevil that I’m dying to get my hands on. Daddy needs his fix.