Dogfish Head's New 12-Pack Box Doubles as a Cooler

Drink Features Dogfish Head cooler box
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Dogfish Head's New 12-Pack Box Doubles as a Cooler

Dogfish Head is known for making some pretty off-the-wall beers and pushing boundaries, and now it’s pushing the boundary of the…box?

The brewery recently unveiled its new summer mix pack, “Off-Center Your Summer Pack,” a variety pack of cans that includes the brewery’s 60 Minute IPA, Lupa-Lupa IPA, sour SeaQuench Ale, and Namaste White.

While the selection beers is pretty solid, where it shines is with its box, which doubles as a cooler.

The box is made of wet-strength paperboard that is designed to handle moisture. Dogfish Head’s idea is that if you buy the case you can rip the top off and fill it with ice and then have a makeshift cooler to get you through the afternoon. The box is expected to make it 6 hours before you’ll run into trouble, which, let’s face it, is longer than the beers will likely stick around.

Here’s a video of how you make the magic happen:

And the best part, when you’re done drinking all those beers the box is still recyclable.