Beer in the Kitchen: How To Make Butternut Squash Soup with Beer

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Beer in the Kitchen: How To Make Butternut Squash Soup with Beer

One of my favorite cold-weather foods is soup, specifically butternut squash soup. There are dozens of different ways to make the dish ranging from sweet to spicy, and trying them all is something I hope I never tire of.

Recently the folks at Elysian Brewing sent me a recipe for something I’ve never tried before: butternut squash soup with beer in it. The recipe, developed by the brewery’s executive chef Andrew Gribas, uses the brewery’s BiFrost beer and a tiny bit of pumpkin—an amount you might have leftover when making a pumpkin pie. It sounds heavenly and is definitely something I’m going to be making this winter.

1 Butternut squash
4 Ounces canned pumpkin
1 Yellow onion, diced
3 Cups heavy cream
1 Cup Elysian Bifrost beer
Salt to taste
Cinnamon whipped creme

Directions: Cut butternut squash in half-length wise. Scrape out seeds and discard. Sprinkle salt and black pepper and place into roasting pan with about an inch of water in bottom and cover with foil. Place in 350 degree oven until fork tender (check about 15 minutes). Remove and cool.

Once squash is cool, use a spoon and scrape out all meat and set aside. In a sauce pot add about 2 tablespoons olive oil on medium heat. Add onion. Then add Bifrost beer and reduce by half and add remaining ingredients. Bring to boil and make sure to stir or it will scorch. Remove from heat and add to blender and puree.

Once all is blended, check for desired amount of salt. For garnish, whip about half cup of heavy cream and add a pinch of cinnamon. Spoon cream on top of soup and add a sprig of sage and serve.