2014 Gift Guide For Drinkers

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Every year you face the same dilemma: What the hell do you get that person in your life who has absolutely everything. Well, if that person happens to be a beer lover or cocktail enthusiast, we’ve got your covered. He may have a cellar full of collectible whiskey and all the Star Wars-themed ice molds his freezer can handle, but I guarantee you there’s something in this gift guide that will float his boat. Behold, the Paste Gift Guide for the drinker in your life.


Think you don’t need another pint glass? Think again. The SiliPint is an unbreakable silicone pint glass with insulating properties: it won’t break and you don’t need a koozie. Now that’s a beer glass that everyone needs. You can get them in a variety of different styles—we like the Octopus Pint, designed by Alaskan artist Shara Dorris. Because it has an octopus on it. $12.95.

Yoga Mat/Beer Carrier

Burton is best known for making snowboards, so you might think it’s a little odd for the company to venture into the yoga accessory market. But then you look closer and see that this yoga bag is actually designed to carry beer. It’s called the Beeracuda. Brilliant. $19.95.

Liquor Bottle Chandelier

This is the present for the cocktail lover who really does have everything. Chicawatt takes used Jack Daniel bottles and turns them into sweet, Steampunk inspired chandeliers, lamps and sconces. They have a whole line of recycled whiskey, vodka, wine and beer bottle lamps to choose from. This JD chandelier will run you $400.

The Whiskey Club

caskers whiskey.JPG
Forget Jelly of the Month. What your loved one wants, nay, needs, is a whiskey of the month membership. For $149, Caskers will send you three bottles of hand-selected whiskies every three months. They offer a vodka club, and a Select Club that sends a variety of liquors each quarter, as well.

Drink Tank Growler

drink tank growler.png
You don’t stay in one place, so why would you want your beer to stay in one place? Beer was meant to travel. To see the world. Drink Tank’s stainless steel growlers never sweat and they keep your precious IPA cold for up to 24 hours ($69). Add a Keg Cap accessory ($45), and your growler is turned into a pressurized mini keg. Sweet.

Travel Cocktail Kit

Speaking of traveling…your beer isn’t the only alcoholic beverage that should hit the road. This canvas and leather bag created by designer Stephen Kenn comes with nine small bottles, a mixing spoon, and an instruction manual complete with recipes and suggestions for how to pack the kit for different types of trips. $275

Small Batch Bitters/Simple Syrups

There’s nothing wrong with Angostura Bitters, or making your own simple syrup on the stove, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to step up your bitters/syrup game. It’s a great big world out there. Your cocktail-loving friend might be ready to try something new. Bittermens makes a comprehensive line of bitters to shake up your cocktails. Check out their Xocolatl Mole Bitters, a combination of cacao, cinnamon and spice perfect for rum drinks. $10.95. Meanwhile, Royal Rose is whipping up creative simple syrups with explosive flavors like Jasmine, Raspberry, and Lavender-Lemon. $11.

Growler On Board

Yes, the whole idea of a “Beer Transport Unit,” or “BTU,” is ridiculous. But it’s ridiculous in a “why didn’t I think of that,” sort of way. Because the last thing you want is that fresh growler of porter or IPA rolling around the floorboards of your car. Put your precious cargo in a precious little safety seat, then drive the speed limit and use your blinkers. $29.95.

The Coolest

coolest cooler.png
A cooler that just holds ice and keeps beer cold is so 2013. The Kickstarter-funded Coolest takes your standard cooler and adds 18-volt rechargeable blender built into the lid. There’s also a removable blue tooth speaker that connects to your smart phone, and a recharge port for that phone. LED lights in the lid help you find that specific beer you want at night, and there are tie-down bungies for hauling gear, built in storage for plates, knives, cutting board, and a divider on the inside so you can keep your sandwiches dry. And the ultimate no-brainer—a built in bottle opener. $299

A Good Read

lagunitas book.jpg
Forget the title—this book will be as interesting to a teetotaler as it is to a beer geek. In So You Want To Start A Brewery, Lagunitas founder Tony Magee waxes poetic about the beginning days of Lagunitas. It really has nothing to do with brewing beer. It’s all about taking chances, and the trials and tribulations that inevitably follow. If anything, it’s an adventure story. I received a copy and was blown away at how much fun the writing is in this book. $18.