Everything You Missed at The Great American Beer Festival

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Everything You Missed at The Great American Beer Festival

The Great American Beer Festival went down this past weekend Denver, Colorado. With over 800 breweries and 3,500 beers, the event represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served in the format of a public tasting and competition. Since its launch in 1982, the festival has grown along with the craft beer industry to be the U.S. festival to go to. It’s so large in fact that there are four different sessions you can attend. Four. Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. Even better, the whole town of Denver has beer events going on all weekend.

We were the ground in Denver to hit all three days of the festival, and did our best to make it through all 3,500 beers. We got things started early Wednesday night at an East vs. West IPA showdown, and then moved on to Oskar Blues Ordeal at its Longmont facility Thursday afternoon before going to the Thursday evening session. In summary: we put a solid dent in that 3,500 goal. We even drank one poured by one of the Hanson brothers.

Check out the gallery for a taste of this year’s epic event.