Beer in the Kitchen: How To Make Beer Batter For Fish, Fries, and More

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Beer in the Kitchen: How To Make Beer Batter For Fish, Fries, and More

Beer batter is one of those things you can make and literally use on anything you want. Beer battered onion rings? Fantastic. Beer-battered fried chicken? Out of this world. Beer-battered zucchini? Sure, why not?

This recipe for beer batter makes a pretty basic batter that you can use for everything from fish to vegetables. Chances are good you have everything to make it happen sitting in your kitchen right now.

Here’s what you need:

1 cup flour
1 egg
Garlic Powder
1 cup of the beer of your choice

I like to use a brown ale or lager when I make beer batter, but you can give it a try with almost anything. If you do pick a more flavorful beer (like say that IPA you had sitting around), I’d recommend giving your batter a little taste before you start dipping your food in it. Some hoppy beers can be a little too bitter when it comes to covering your food with them, and you might end up with a flavor you never intended to create.

Directions: Put your flour and egg in a mixing bowl, and blend them together. Once blended, start adding in your beer. You’ll want to slowly add it, blending as you go until you get something roughly the consistency of cake batter. If you want a thinner batter, just add more beer. Once you’re done, add in the garlic powder and black pepper to taste.

When you’re ready to cook, just dip your fave item in your batter and fry it up. It’ll be delicious, I promise.