247 Beautiful IPAs and Labels: A Gallery

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247 Beautiful IPAs and Labels: A Gallery

Well, we finally went and did it. 16 months after Paste last blind-tasted American IPAs and collected 116 examples, we re-did our blind-tasting and were able to bring together a truly absurd 247 beers. You can read today’s just-released tasting and ranking here to find what we believe are now the best India pale ales in the country. You can also read our in-depth history of India pale ale here.

But seeing as the ranking article only features photos for the top 50 beers, we figured that we would give readers a way to see every one of these beautiful beers and labels. The following gallery features the entire field of 247 IPAs, in alphabetical order. Scroll, enjoy, and note how visually different IPA can be as a style. Some are brilliantly clear and straw yellow, while others are flame red or milky and turbid. It just goes to show what a wide-ranging style IPA really is.

Final note: We have to apologize for the variation in photo quality throughout. That’s an unfortunate side effect of conducting 16 separate tastings with varying equipment.