It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere: A Super Happy Hour Recipe

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You’re done with work and you’re headed home. You could crack a beer, you could mix a bourbon and ginger, or you could try something new. Like this lemonade-based cocktail that comes courtesy of Stoli. Not only is it refreshing, it’s easy to make, requiring just a few ingredients, which means you have enough energy to make it after a hard day filling out TPS Reports.

The basic recipe requires nothing more than two parts Stoli and four parts lemonade. Then put it on ice. I tried it, and it’s good. Then I tried it with sparkling lemonade, and it was gooder. Then I tried it with Royal Rose Raspberry Simple Syrup, a small batch organic simple syrup, and it’s the goodest.

That’s the beauty of this recipe. You can get crazy with it, using simple items on hand, and you won’t do any real damage. Got some basil? Muddle it up on the bottom. Fresh blackberries? Muddle.

Here’s my recipe. Feel free to alter it as you see fit.

2 oz. Stoli Vodka
6 oz. Sparkling lemonade
2 tbs. Royal Rose Raspberry Simple Syrup

Directions: Combine everything in a mason jar over ice and stir. Garnish with something silly, like a some mint or a vintage GI Joe figure. Because why not?