Yikes: Sake Flavored Kit Kats Coming to Japan

Drink News Japan
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While Americans silently suffer from bland Kit Kat flavors, Nestle just announced that on February 1st, they will release a Sake flavored Kit Kat in Japan.

The wafers will be coated in white chocolate, with sake powder separating the wafers from the white chocolate. According to NariNari, The candy bar contains .8 percent alcohol and has a light sake aftertaste. There is no indication of whether identification would be required to purchase this flavor, or how many children could get buzzed from eating too much.

Interestingly, this is not Japan’s most creative Kit Kat flavor. Many people regard Japan as the Kit Kat capital of the world. There are currently Brandy and Orange, Purple Sweet Potato, Hot Japanese Chili, Wasabi and tatter tot flavored Kit Kat bars. Stay classy, Japan.