Wrestle Big Beer on International 2x4 Day

Drink Features Melvin Brewing 2x4 Day
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Wrestle Big Beer on International 2x4 Day

You could make an argument that Melvin Brewing’s 2×4 is one of the greatest double IPAs of all time. Over the years, the 10% ABV hop monster out of Wyoming has racked up more gold than Mr. T, pulling in top honors at GABF, Alpha King, North American Beer Awards…

Because everyone loves a winner, Melvin Brewing celebrates their double IPA with an annual 2×4 Day where beer fans revel in the shenanigans that have helped define Melvin Brewing over the last decade, namely Kung Fu and hip hop. And elephants.


This year, Melvin is taking 2×4 Day international. On April 2, Melvin Brewing will turn 33 bars across the US (as well as a handful of bars in Europe and Asia) into replicas of their home bar, filling the spaces with ninjas, Kung Fu, loud hip hop and the occasional dude in a plush elephant suit. It’s sheer madness, but this year the madness has a greater purpose; Melvin Brewing is using International 2×4 Day to highlight craft beer’s fight against Big Beer.

Jim Duggan ripping up a buyout contract

They’ve enlisted the help of WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan to go toe-to-toe with the CEO of “WorldBev” in a winner takes all fight to the death. While Duggan is battling it out in the ring, Melvin is hoping to enlist hop lovers across the globe to become a united front against the buyouts that plague the world of craft beer. The best part is, all you have to do is drink a really good double IPA and party like there’s no tomorrow. Also, there’s Kung Fu. And hip hop.

Plenty of craft breweries talk big about fighting big beer, but I have to say Melvin’s declaration of war is probably the most entertaining. And because they’re using professional wrestling as the chosen battlefield, you can rest assured that the results will be fixed and craft beer will prevail over “WorldBev.”

Jim Duggan celebrating his victory with a beer. And a 2×4

Check out Melvin’s 2×4 Day site to find a party near you. And if there isn’t an official party near you, feel free to grab as much 2×4 as you can and fill your garage with ninjas and stuffed elephants so you can celebrate solo in style. Don’t forget the Kung Fu. And hip hop.

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