Nomadica Wine Has the Coolest Labels

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Nomadica Wine Has the Coolest Labels

Typically when we do these label posts we’re talking about beer. While wine and spirits certainly have some interesting labels as well, they rarely have enough variety to warrant a whole photo gallery — that is until we saw these amazing wine cans from Nomadica.

The canned wine company focuses on canning delicious liquid from small winemakers in portable single-serve cans that feature art from independent illustrators, painters, sculptors, photographers and street artists.

Recently the company partnered with Australian artist Kareena Zeros for an epic collection of Chenin Blanc cans that are filled with 2016 Chenin Blanc made by winemaker Joshua Klapper at Timbre Winery in Santa Maria, CA.

We’ve got to say, Zerefor’s work pairs wonderfully with a can of chilled wine. Check out the gallery, above, for a look at the whole six-can collection.