Odell Brewing's Labels are Timeless

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Odell Brewing's Labels are Timeless

Unlike wine—whose selection often relies as much on the labels as the vineyard or vintage—beer is typically picked based on style, brewery, ABV, and (for some) the list of ingredients printed on the label, typically written in near-microscopic text. But that doesn’t mean beer graphics don’t matter. You think all those craft beer t-shirts would sell if the graphics were banal and uninspired?

Witness Odell Brewing.

The Fort Collins, CO-based beer-maker has some of the most iconic labels on the shelves. Unlike some breweries who rely on trendy bright colors and graphics paired with fantastic, pun-infused names, Odell’s label art feels almost timeless, from another era and yet so distinctly part of the present. They come from San Fran-based Mona Caron, who’s been doing digital block prints for the labels for more than a decade, often working in consort with the now-defunct tbd Advertising.

The images often evoke Odell’s Rocky Mountain origins, from its leaf logo to the outdoor adventures that await in their back yard. But they also echo Japanese wood block prints, vintage travel posters, and just a hint of the religious imagery. Here’s a handful of some of their best.