Drink Wine, Help Fight Breast Cancer

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Drink Wine, Help Fight Breast Cancer

In the United States, invasive breast cancer affects approximately one in eight women at some point in their lives.

OneHope Wines selects game-changer organizations based on rigorous criteria, and partners with them to help fund clean water projects, biodiversity preservation efforts, microloans and other support organizations intended to help create a saner, healthier, more balanced world. Currently, they are offering a Chardonnay whose proceeds fund clinical trials and support for women with this frightening, debilitating, and, let’s face it, expensive diagnosis. So if you’re looking for a way to put your money where your heart is, check these guys out.

The Chardonnay is unmistakably Napa-style, with a rich texture and aromas of ripe apple, pear cobbler, a vanilla and butterscotch mid-palate and traces of green apple on the finish. Dry but lush, it has a “warm” quality (not too-high-alcohol warm, just an array of aromatics that feel cozy) perfect for fall evenings. For $59 you can get their limited edition breast cancer fightin’ bottle which comes in a swanky pink glitter bottle. And no, I’m not normally someone who spends $60 on a bottle of Chardonnay, but when you buy this, what you’re doing is making a donation toward eradicating cancer and helping sufferers, and getting a nice bottle of California’s signature white nectar as a thank you gift. I don’t know about you, but I had five friends duking it out with breast cancer in the last year, and I think this is a perfectly splendid little prezzie for someone celebrating a good-news doctor visit or that “oh-God-finally” exit from chemo. The bottle is celebratory and adorable and the stuff inside’s damn tasty.

chard glitter.jpg

Most of us can’t do nearly as much as we’d like to alleviate suffering in our fellow humans, but it’s worth considering the impact of many people making small choices, isn’t it? Like you buy a splurge-priced bottle of wine and it helps a stranger somewhere get into a clinical trial or get some kind of needed support.

OneHope has a large range of wines from a variety of regions and they support a variety of causes, all carefully vetted and thoughtfully chosen. Check them out and consider this a wine-win-win kind of thing. We all need each other, and there’s pretty much always something that calls for a drink. Here’s to multitasking! And may you enjoy it in good health.