Ninkasi Brewing Company is Launching Its Own Hard Seltzer Brand

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Ninkasi Brewing Company is Launching Its Own Hard Seltzer Brand

Ninkasi Brewing Company is launching its own brand of hard seltzer. Rather than selling it under the Ninkasi name, the new line will be called Pacific Sparkling, an homage of sorts to the Pacific Northwest which the company says inspired the line.

The seltzer’s flagship flavors will be Cucumber Mint and Cherry Blossom, both of which will be available in 6-pack locations around the west starting this spring.

“What makes this hard seltzer unique is that it’s handcrafted and brewed just like a craft beer,” says Ninkasi CEO and co-founder, Nikos Ridge.

Pacific Sparkling’s packaging is meant to reflect “the hard work that went into making it” with hand-drawn scenes and stories that represent the Northwest ideal as well as slogans that embody the independent spirit of the region, like “Un-mass produced” and “Take your time. We took ours.”

Ridge says that the company launched a new brand for the seltzer as a matter of focus.

“Ninkasi is a beer company,” says Ridge “And we want to stay focused on creating the next great beer. Pacific Sparkling was born from our team’s excitement to enter a new category and do something different.”

You can learn more about Pacific Sparkling on the line’s dedicated website here.