Tank Garage's Wine Labels Are Freaking Awesome

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Tank Garage's Wine Labels Are Freaking Awesome

Two longtime friends, both with roots in agricultural families, decide to combine forces, after decades of collective experience in farming and creating world-class wine, decide to write a Romantic ode to the heart and soul of vintage California culture and creativity. One 1930s gas station and lots of grapes later, Tank Garage Winery is born.

Tank Garage is not Robert Mondavi. These are not large-scale, dependably consistent, drag-and-drop bottles. They rotate a small collection of “one off” uniquely-crafted wines that draw heavily on the owners’ personal lifestyles and experiences. This is the other California wine country, a little feral, a little rustic, a little unpredictable, and a whole lot of authentic and creative and experimental and artsy. When you’re not one of the old-guard big dogs, you find you’re free to be whoever you want to be, and that it’s ok if who you want to be is a moving target.

We are constantly influenced by our changing environment. Grapes know this. Yeasts know this. Oak trees know this. And that’s the spirit being tapped into at Tank Garage. Go for the new, give tradition a big fat smooch: It’s all good. Sometimes really, really good!