10 Negroni Week Specials We Can't Wait To Try

From doughnuts to tiki drinks, you won't want to miss these

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10 Negroni Week Specials We Can't Wait To Try

It’s Negroni Week!

This week bars and restaurants around the world will celebrate the cocktail, and give back to their local communities in the process. The week encourages bars to sell not only the classic Negroni but also create their own unique spins on the classic cocktail. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of their creation is then given to a local charity of their choice.

As you can imagine, bartenders use the week to create some pretty epic cocktails. Take a look at the gallery above for a few of the highlights we’ve seen are on-dek for this week and be sure to check out the menu at your favorite local cocktail spot to try their take of the classic cocktail.

If you’re looking for a participating location in your area, you can also check out a full list of participating venues and events on the Negroni Week website.