5 Unique Bar Snacks Around the World

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5 Unique Bar Snacks Around the World

The best part of drinking may just be eating. Wine pairings, cocktail pairings and beer pairings are all having their moment, but good old bar snacks, that go with everything from the cheapest bar on tap to a drinking hole’s signature cocktail, are some of the best pairings with any alcoholic beverage. Americans may be accustomed to nuts and pretzels with perhaps a neon orange cheese puff thrown in, but around the world drinkers are snacking in fascinating ways. Here are some of the most unique bar snacks you’ll find abroad. Cheers!

1. Dried Fish in Korea

Want to chase that icy cold pint with some dried shredded squid Head to South Korea, where the crunchy, savory snack is easy to pop in your mouth after a sip of whiskey. Found in sealed packages in supermarkets throughout Asia as well as in America, you can also order shredded squid on Amazon to taste for yourself.

2.Hard Boiled Eggs in Italy

Eggs used to be common bar fare in the Western world, found in American Saloons and British Pubs to aide the heavy drinking process. Now, you’ll rarely find a complimentary egg anywhere in North America, though you’ll likely find halved hard boiled eggs in a Venetian spread of cicchetti, little bar snacks comparative to Milan’s robust aperitivo spread.

3. Syltelabb in Norway

Though syltelabb is not your everyday bar snack, this boiled, salt-cured, preserved pig’s trotter (i.e. feet) is traditionally served around Christmastime and enjoyed with beer or other seasonal alcohol, like aquavit, to help qualm the saltiness. Because it’s traditionally eaten with your hands, syltelabb is an easy to enjoy as you pound back a few winter ales. If you’re doing to be making a holiday ham anyway, why not eat the feet?

4. Petiscos in Brazil

Pesticos, which vary from bar to bar in Brazil, are little snacks i.e. Brazalian tapas which range from various types of fish cakes to whole prawns. Perhaps the most recognizable snack food in Brazil is the coxinha, dough stuffed with shredded chicken (or other meat) and fried in the shape of a chicken leg.

5. Beetroot Burgers in Australia

While burgers are pretty standard bar fare, Australians are pretty firm on topping their bar burgers with beetroot. Food royalty David Chang has previously attested that Australian burgers are the best in the world, so don’t rule out the added veggies. Also popular in Australian pubs: Chicken parmesan, often served with a side of fries (known as chips in this part of the world) and salad. Many bars also host “parma nights” to celebrate the cheesy fried bar snack.